Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for the program?

The program is compatible with Windows-based systems.

Does the program work on Apple or Mac operating systems?

No, unfortunately, the program does not work on Apple or Mac devices.

Does the program work on a server?

No, each individual license must be used on a single CPU.

Does the program alter or destroy the original PDF?

No. The program never deletes or alters a PDF. The original document always remains available for a review. The program will not eliminate or erase a PDF, it only assigns the PDF image to different folders.

What happens if I mistakenly click when using the Categorize Page Function?

Simply utilize the back arrow in order to go back to the page that you mistakenly clicked on. You can correct your choice of page in order to correct your clicking error.

Am I limited to the choice of file folders that appears at the outset of this sorting process?

No, at the beginning of your process, you can customize the folder names and set up the number of folders that you want.