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The S&C Document Sorter will help you sort case files faster than ever! Using algorithmic analysis, you will be able to group similar pages at the click of a button.

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Introducing the S&C Document Sorter program, an application that does exactly what its name says. This program allows you to split PDF files into easy to manipulate pages. you can use the program’s Group Sorting function to identify similarly appearing documents in order to quickly sort or eliminate those pages during your document review. This will allow you to avoid the time and expense of printing unnecessary pages. The Document Classification Sorting function allows you to create folders and move individual pages with a single click of a mouse. The program will even allow you to assign dates to individual pages, in order to sort the documents in chronological order. At the completion of your review, you can choose to save the sorted files in individual folders, eliminating the need to print or review documents that might not be relevant to your work.

Merge multiple PDF's into a single PDF for review and manipulation

Break down large PDFs into single pages for review and manipulation

Use the group sorting function to identify and gather similarly appearing documents so they can be included or excluded from you analysis

Use the document classification sorting function to sort documents into folder categories that you create

Export newly sorted pages into separate folders as a new PDF

Assign dates to individual pages and have "Docsorter" put the pages in chronological order when you export them

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